Molecule Strategy

Multi-Strategy/Multi-trader Platform Investing (Molecule STRATEGY)

The Molecule Strategy connects a series of talented traders who specialize in a range of strategies, asset classes, and market segments.

By harnessing their collective insights and trading expertise, The Molecule Strategy aims to maximize the potential for generating attractive absolute returns on a consistent basis and managing risk across different market conditions. The traders invest solely in liquid securities, across a range of sub-strategies within Equity, Directional and Relative Value.

Molecule Strategy Diagram of Connected Traders

  • Sector Focused
  • Geographic Focused
  • Generalist

  • Fixed Income Arbitrage
  • Merger Arbitrage
  • Convertible Arbitrage
  • Credit Arbitrage
  • Volatility Arbitrage

  • Discretionary Macro
  • Systematic Macro
  • Tactical

We have a flexible model which provides the ability to attract and work with trading talent who are part of external businesses as well as captive internal trading teams. Collectively, we believe the trading teams benefit from the platform’s sophisticated risk infrastructure and drawdown management framework.


Our network of traders includes what we believe to be some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. 

Our expertise in talent selection over 20+ years, our open architecture and flexible structure, allows us to leverage their expertise, and provide access to trading talent and perspectives that may not be available to other platforms.

Cost Management

We are focused on minimizing costs.

We emphasize cash and margin optimization, financing availability and thoughtful cost reduction, with the objective of capital efficiency leading to greater net returns for our investors.