CompleteAlpha Strategy

Multi-Manager Investing (CompleteAlpha STRATEGY)

The CompleteAlpha Strategy allocates to third party managers via managed accounts and funds and seeks long-term capital appreciation over a several year period with lower volatility than, and low correlation to, broad equity and fixed income indices.

We aim to gain access to differentiated return streams by investing in separate managed accounts or the commingled funds of external hedge fund managers. 

Complete Alpha Strategy Illustration

We aim to employ a proactive approach where we seek to combine macroeconomic views with technical/structural input to formulate strategic positioning. We have some bias towards early-stage and specialist managers but may invest in multi-manager, multi-strategy, diversified portfolios of hedge funds across Credit, Directional, Equity and Relative Value.


We seek to source niche exposures that enable us to build customized solutions. These solutions stand-alone as diversifying alternatives allocations or can be designed to complement existing holdings in traditional asset classes.

We understand that each investor has unique investment goals and risk preferences. With the CompleteAlpha Strategy, we work closely with our investors to potentially tailor the portfolio to their specific requirements, ensuring alignment with their objectives and constraints.


All external managers with whom we invest must undergo our robust due diligence process that encompasses investments, risk and operations and are subject to rigorous monitoring post-investment.