Prisma Apex

Prisma Apex Strategies

Our Prisma Apex strategies are focused on channeling differentiated alpha opportunities through co-investments and high conviction trades.


The Prisma Apex Tactical strategy provides access to concentrated investments in carefully selected, strictly defined, and often hard-to-access, niche and/or tactical themes, with a particular focus on opportunities arising from market dislocations, regulatory shifts, capital imbalances and/or policy changes where an attractive risk reward has been created. Investments are sourced from across our global platform (both internal and external channels) and are diversified across geographies, sectors, and asset class.


We strive to remain nimble in order to take advantage of dislocated opportunities as they appear.

Cost Efficiency

We believe managers typically are willing to give access to these co-investment opportunities at lower fee levels than charged by the flagship fund.

Creative Implementation

We work to ensure that each allocation has the most appropriate combination of structure, leverage, and term.

Exposures may be tailored to meet broader portfolio requirements.


The portfolio seeks to provide investors with the potential to gain access to targeted, potentially alpha rich opportunities.

Clients may benefit from leveraging both PAAMCO Prisma’s and underlying hedge fund managers’ investment expertise.


Prisma Apex Equity is a hedged equity strategy constructed from a universe of the highest conviction positions of a sub-set of our equity and event managers. The strategy is structured as a series of managed accounts in which hedge fund managers trade their high conviction long equity names. Portfolio construction and risk management are centralized at  our firm, where index and sector ETFs may be utilized to construct the hedge portfolio.

Flexible Mandate

Because positions are sourced from multiple managers, we believe potential style and sector biases are reduced.

Single Layer Fees

Attractive fees relative to performance potential.

Manager compensation is borne by PAAMCO Prisma.

Specialist Edge

Benefits from each manager focusing on a set of core competencies rather than one team trading across all sectors and geographies.

Highly Liquid

Only invests in liquid equities allowing for portfolio flexibility.

Fully Transparent

Access to position-level detail.

Central Management

Manager allocation decisions are made by PAAMCO Prisma and may be used as another tool for managing portfolio tilts and biases.


The Prisma Apex Credit strategy aims to take advantage of asset mispricing across the capital structure and through different points in the credit cycle. The strategy seeks to provide access to opportunistic credit co-investments ranging from senior secured loans to distressed debt and post-reorganization equity and targets assets with two- to five-year expected terms. Opportunities are sourced through our longstanding hedge fund relationships as well as our strategic partner, KKR.

Flexible Mandate

Highly flexible mandate with the ability to invest across the capital structure, geographies, industries and in primary and secondary markets.

Actively repositions in an effort to find strong risk-adjusted returns.

Broad Sourcing Funnel

Accesses both internal and third-party deal flow allowing for diversified idea generation and exposures.

Opportunities evaluated are diversified by asset class and geography.

Deep Experience

Investment philosophy is based on deep, fundamental credit underwriting and financial analysis.

Access to management teams and direct dialogue with industry experts differentiates our underwriting process.

Disciplined Approach

The strategy aims to retain dry powder when credit spreads are tight, and scale investments as credit spreads widen, capital availability becomes scarce and markets are less liquid.

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